Senso Test For Early Pregnancy Diagnose

Senso Test For Early Pregnancy Diagnose

Group Senso TEST 400x400px

Group Senso TEST 400x400px

Rapid HCG urine test for early detection of pregnancy

+SENSO TEST is a highly sensitive, reliable and fast hCG urine test for early detection of pregnancy. This test is based on determining the presence of hCG hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) in a urine specimen. Under normal conditions, hCG is synthesized only by the placenta, if fertilization (pregnancy) has occurred. High sensitivity +SENSO TEST detects pregnancy within only 7 days, after conception has occurred.

+SENSO TEST available as tape or plate.

+SENSO TEST detects hCG in concentration as low as 25 mIU / ml, while most other tests detect hCG in concentration as low as 50 mIU / ml


RELIABLE – Results accuracy is > 99.5%

HIGH SENSITIVE – Pregnancy can be determined as early as 7 days after conception

FAST – Results are visible in just 1 minute

+Senso test contains a pipette and a urine sampling container



This test can be done at any time during the day, but the first morning urine gives the most reliable results.

A urine specimen can be collected in a container that is provided in each box of +Senso test.

Using a pipette (packed in the foil), take a urine specimen from the container, then simply apply 4 drops of urine to the marked (reaction) place on the test cassette or, if you use a test strip, immerse it in the urine container, reaching marked lines.

Depending on the concentration of hCG in the urine, result could be visible after only 40 seconds.

To avoid false results, wait 5 minutes.

Be sure to read instructions for use contained in the package, before use of the test.

Look for +SENSO TEST at the nearest pharmacy.